[linux-elitists] Haha, SpamCop lists Debian

Marc MERLIN marc@merlins.org
Fri Jul 5 09:59:22 PDT 2002

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 11:25:27AM -0400, Aaron Sherman wrote:
> > Okay, so, I agree that SpamCop and its users are boneheads, *but* the
> I'm not convinced. SpamCop does an awesome job of tracking down spam
> sources, and users *should* be submitting spam that they get.
But many do it badly
> I think that if you host a public list, and let spam through, you should
> be prepared to a) be hated by SpamCop and those that listen to them or

Absolutely not.
Spamcop's policy is that mailing lists with 3 way handshake subscriptions
should _not_ to reported

I've gotten more than one spamcop "user" quicked out as a result of not
following that rule:

> b) explain the situation to the SpamCop admins and get them to make a
> special case (there are at least thousands of these, and the procedure
> is pretty standard for becoming "special").

And that's  where the  problem is. I've  told Julian over  and over  that SC
should disable spamvertized  reporting and any reporting that could  go to a
secondary MX or  mailing list (by default) to make  sure that bonehead users
don't bother innocent mail admins

> There really isn't any other way to do this reasonably without letting
> spammers have a loop-hole the size of Dallas. It's too easy to make an
> open relay look like a "mailing list" and visa versa.

Yeah, that's probably a problem.

Sourceforge.net eventually got whitelisted after I resend all the bogus
reports to appeals@spamcop.net.
If you don't want to just firewall them off, you should send all the bogus
reports to appeals@spamcop.net, they'll get tired of it eventually.

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