[linux-elitists] Dmitry Sklyarov: no plea (fwd)

Samantha Atkins samantha@objectent.com
Wed Jan 23 18:03:42 PST 2002

Eugene Leitl wrote:

> On 19 Jan 2002, Mr.Bad wrote:
>>But the key thing is that we carried FREE DMITRY signs, and lo and
>>behold, Dmitry is walking among the living again. Primary goal
> Geeks should write code. You would have done much better if you could make
> Freenet and Mojo Nation confluence happen. Then we could just ignore
> stupid laws.

Why should we support efforts that allow considerable tracking 
and enable preferential (non end-to-end behavior) in the system 
and support of various potentially dangerous IP schemes like 
pay-per-view?  I do not find these possibilities so clearly 
conducive to the information commons I wish to be part of 
creating and enjoying.

Also, do we really think we can code faster than the bureaucracy 
can track us down and destroy us and our networks?  I don't see 
how it makes sense today to simply ignore stupid laws.  At the 
very least we need to pay real attention to what kinds of tech 
are needed and required and how to create and preserve them in 
the face of all real-world conditions, including those from 
stupid laws and law-makers.

- samantha

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