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Interestingly enough, I gave a presentation on "Napster and the Future of
Intellectual Property" to the Norwegian Trade Council about a year ago - the
talk went very well, but what really blew me away is that almost none of
them had even heard of the DMCA. (I filled 'em in as best as I could ;) ) I
think that the Norwegians are amazingly advanced, technologically, but have
no idea about intellectual property and are just going to need to bumble
around for a bit, erring on both sides, until they figure out what works.
Then again, this could be said of any nation right now, but I think that the
Norwegians just do it more dramatically. ^_^


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I'm wondering what the plan is to Free Jon.

I'm thinking a boycott of Norway and demonstrations at Norwegian
embassies and consulates are in order.

After all, demonstrations are fun.

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