[linux-elitists] point of order, Ogg Vorbis rules...and an experiment

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Jan 16 19:45:03 PST 2002

Point of order: this is mail that I sent to someone who asked that
his address be changed in the linux-elitists archive to hide from
spammers.  He's not a subscriber, just a random person whose mail
got forwarded to the list.

  Can't help you.  I'm not going to change my site because of

  If you want help tracking the spam or where the "spambot" might
  have come from, I will gladly help you.

  But munging addresses is like putting steel shutters over shop
  windows -- it makes the place seem unfriendly, discourages traffic,
  and ultimately leads to more abuse, even if it protects one window
  from one vandal.

  Please deal with network abuse, don't hide from it.

The list of subscribers is confidential; posters' names and email
addresses show up on the web.  I'm willing to take a look at
modifying archives in special cases, but they are archives after all.

Blind listening tests for Ogg Vorbis vs. parasitic patent-mongers:

Dan Gillmor on the "Google effect"
inspires the question:

Can you make an unofficial page _about_ a company come up higher
in Google than the company's home page?

Maybe if the company is a bunch of anti-net buttheads who don't
even understand HTTP redirects, and the unofficial page has a decent
amount of Google juice, you have a chance.

burnallgifs.org is already on the first page of Google results for
a search on Unisys.  How far up can it go?  Anyone else curious?
Will Google Management intervene to protect their fellow software
patenteers?  See new sig.

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