[linux-elitists] Dmitry Sklyarov: no plea (fwd)

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Tue Jan 15 07:14:30 PST 2002


I'm getting sick of this topic, but frankly, I don't care WHAT Dmitry THINKS
about the events.

He DID admit to wrongful conduct under the DMCA and if the prosecution
had choosen to pursue him, his testimony would have been a explicit confession
of a violation of the criminal provisions of the DMCA, especially when he
distributed samples of his code.

And I have no doubt, he would have went to jail, unless an appeal overturned the
conviction based on constitutional issues.

This is getting childish.  Oh Dmitry says this, and Dmitry say that...

Dmitry should shut up and enjoy his freedom, and everyone else should
get back to work and stop thinking you've gained any significant victory.

You haven't, and the DMCA is STILL on the books....and it still have the force of the
entire US Government behind it.


> I categorically reject the notion
>>that there is any admission of wrongful conduct on the part of Dmitry


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