[linux-elitists] bash completion

Joey Hess joey@kitenet.net
Mon Jan 14 17:33:08 PST 2002

Rob Walker wrote:
> # cvs(1) completion

Wimpy. Doesn't even parse CVS/Entries to see what files you have in cvs
and which you don't, and which you've changed recently. Certianly
doesn't know how to pull tags and revisions out of cvs. Omits all the
esoteric options, including the command-specific ones.

joey@silk:~/debian/packages/debhelper>touch newfile
joey@silk:~/debian/packages/debhelper>cvs add <tab>newfile
joey@silk:~/debian/packages/debhelper>touch dh_link dh_clean
joey@silk:~/debian/packages/debhelper>cvs commit dh_<tab>
dh_clean*  dh_link*
joey@silk:~/debian/packages/debhelper>cvs update -j<tab>
debian_version_0_1        debian_version_3_0_31 upstream_version_1_1_15
debian_version_2_0_100    debian_version_3_0_32 upstream_version_1_1_16
joey@silk:~>cvs update -<tab>
-C -- overwrite local modification
-D -- specify date
-I -- ignore files
-P -- prune empty directory
-R -- recursive

> Joey> When I'm feeling bored, I will sometimes play the "what _can't_
> Joey> zsh complete?" game. Let's see.. dict. Nope, supported.
> What does it do?  Does it run the app with --help and then help
> complete the options?  

Well yes but that's minor. It completes the word you're dicting, using
dict -m to find matches.

joey@silk:~>dict elitis<tab>
elitism   elitist

Hmm.. w3m? Nope, supported..

joey@silk:~>w3m htttp://<tab>
zsh: do you wish to see all 136 possibilities (127 lines)? 

see shy jo

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