[linux-elitists] "Lindows.com Insider"

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Sun Jan 13 00:18:42 PST 2002


You pay $99 and you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
In return, you may or may not get software (which you can't tell
anyone about) plus:

"ample information, views of our products and our thinking so you
can see where we're going and help us get there."  But that's not
all -- your $99 also gets you "access to the Lindows.com Insiders
private forum where you can share your ideas with other Insiders."

In other words, bullshit plus an account on a web board.

But wait, it isn't just regular bullshit -- it's the extra-strength
employee-grade bullshit:  "We'll work hard to give you information
from inside Lindows.com headquarters. You'll be as close to being
a Lindows.com employee as you can get without actually being one."

CEO Michael Robertson writes, "We don't imagine this program is for
everyone - just those who care passionately about what we're doing
and want to give us all the assistance they can to help us succeed."

I think he's right.  I don't think this program is for everyone
either.  It probably exists to find out what exactly it is that
really dumb people want computers to do, so they can be sure to do
anything but that.

Don Marti
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