[linux-elitists] From Las Vegas: Rep. Darrell Issa

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Jan 9 09:12:23 PST 2002

Rep. Darrell Issa understands the DMCA.  He actually sounded a little
like Cindy Cohn when explaining the problem that it can sometimes
be legal to make a personal copy but illegal to circumvent the copy
restriction on the original.

And he doesn't like the SSSCA at all, which is not surprising
considering that he used to be president of the Consumer Electronics

"SSSCA is Dead on Arrival"

(They scheduled a press conference with 2 members of Congress
and only two reporters showed up (!)  I guess everyone else is on
assignment for Big Ass Car Stereo or something, and not interested
in the poitical environment of technology.)

CES is a little less frenzied this year than last.  Huge Zaurus
presence.  All you people who were mocking me for staying at
Circus-Circus can shut the hell up -- it's actually a very decent
room, and very convenient to the convention center.  They could
call it Tradeshow-Tradeshow.

Well, I'm off to see if this whole Moxi thing is such a big deal...

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