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Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Mon Jan 7 05:13:50 PST 2002

ANNOUNCEMENT: InService: Brendan McAdams
Brendan McAdams isa professional Software Developers in the NYC Fiancial
Services business and will show us how he creates secure web based transactiosn
with Free Software through Apache, mod_perl and openssl.  This will be one of
the cool meetings of the new year.  Brendan is a personal friend who is
charming, bright and exciting to work with. Another of the best young talents
in the Free Software world. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: NYLXS - Public Relations Com
I would like to hold the first NYLXS Public Relations Committee meeting
on Thursday, January 8rd 2002 at (you guessed it) The Killarny Rose at
6:00pm. If anyone who wanted to attend this meeting can't make it at
the proposed date and time, send an email and we'll work something out. 

I would add that the Rose is a great Pub at 82 Beaver Street NYC, NY
Just off of Wall Street, NYC 

Take the 2,3,4,5 train to Wall Street J,M to Broard Street N,R to
Whitehall Street 

Food is available and the meeting will be on the second Floor.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Queens Install Feast!
Queens now hosts an installfest at the Right Computer, a computer store in
Ridgewood, Queens. The location is 66-51 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood, 11385.
DATE/TIME: Jan. 17, 2002, 7PM-10PM. - 

Getting there by train, take the rear cars of the M train to the Fresh Pond
Road stop and take the first exit, take the stairs to the right, turn right
on Fresh Pond Road 1.5 blocks (if you're taking desktop systems you'll need
to take the next exit, this is a turnstile exit only, then exit out of the
station to the rightand take the second set of stairs on the left, the rest
is the same). - 

For driving instructions from your location, use mapquest.com. - 

There are plenty of stores, fast food places, restaurants, etc. for

Following up on last nights wildly successful first Free Software Institute
Meeting, the Chair of the Institute, and myself, wish to introduce the first
class of our cradle to grave Linux/Free Software program. 

Paul will followup on the complete program, but I would like to announce the
first class. This is a very exciting begining. 

The first class is called Intoduction to Linux. The cost is $200 plus you can
get purchase a computer through our network of hardware vendors to participate
in the class. This class goes through the installation process of Linux on
standard hardware and ONLY hardware which we order through our vendor will be
allowed to be used in the classroom. This prevents us from turning into
installfest maddness. 

People who spring for the machine (for less than $500) will beable to use it in
further classes as we learn to build a powerful system. 

The class will be 5 classes in 5 weeks from Monday Febuary 4th until March 4th.
All students MUST pay in advanced. 

The time of the class will be 7PM - 10:30PM We might push later is required. We
will also meet on line for instruction on an agreed upon weeksly time to fill
out about 6 hours a weeks instruction. 

We will hold class at Rosenswieg and Maffia at 845 3rd Avenue in Midtown

A maximum of 20 students can be accomedated. 

Checks are made payable to NYLXS. 

Final exams of this class is the installation of a system with basic setup. 

This is the Syllabus for the first class: 

Introduction to Linux 


Boot Media, Kernels 

Hard Drives 


fdisk, type 82, 83 etc 

swap partitions, mkswap, swapon, partition types, 

patition tables, /boot /home /usr /var 

file systems, ext2, reiser, ext3, mke2fs 

Intro to the Shell 

Kernel ->getty->login-shell 




Introduction to VI 

VI Commands (and vim) 

Command mode 






p=> paste 


edit more 

Typing to the screen 


execute mode 

:w write 

:q quit 


:wq! at all costs 
1,$s/old/new/g - global substitutions 

Basic Shell Commands ls cp mv ls glob* cat ps pstree top 

Files, ownershop, group permission 

Setting up X 


Knowing your hardware 

Network Setup Basics 


host name 

domain name 


dns entries 

adding users on different systems 

ifconfig modules - lsmod, modprobe, depmode 

This class will be followed up by the Unix 1 Class.

NYLXS Meeting Agenda for January 21st, 2001

The next board meeting for NYLXS will be on January 21st at the Brooklyn
Marriott Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn.  I hope this is a convenient date for all
the board members.  I've pushed it in the month because some members will be on
vacation until mid January.

The board will hold it's informal gathering a 6:30 PM for drinks, dinner 
discussion.  At 7:30 the formal meeting will begin to address the following

A - The finance committee will report on the current financial status of the
B - The board will review the final passed version of the charter and seal it
into the records
C - The Membership committee will report on it's proposed membership criteria
and current membership hours which are being accredited to individuals.
D - The website subcommittee will report on it's design recommendation and
progress in revamping the NYLXS site.
E - The Educational Committee will report on it's plan to expand free software

F - The Free Software institute will map out publicly syllabus and plans.
G - The Journal Committee will report on it's beginnings of our Journal efforts
and our Dinner plans.

New Business will then be discussed as brought forward from the floor.


ANNOUNCEMENT: GTK Programming Work Shop
NYLXS Announcement Announcement: January GTK Programming Workshop

The Free Software Institute (a part of NYLXS) is introducing it's first
Membership Workshop. This 2 month long program is for learning GTK GUI
programming in X using the C programming Language. This program is open and
free to NYLXS members, and cost 40 dollars for non-members to join. We will
be working together in the Linux environment with 2 books, Beginning
GTK+/Gnome Programming by Peter Wright from wrox press and Developing Linux
Applications with GTK and GDK by Eric Harlow from New Riders.

Beginning C programmers are Welcome.

We are going to meet weekly on Wednesday Nights from January 9th on to
February 27th. Bring your laptops, or use one of mine, although I will make
accounts available on the NYLXS server as needed.

A maximin of 20 people can work with us. The Location will be at 1600 East
17th Street, in Brooklyn, NYC, from 7:00PM until 10:00PM, although we might
move to a different location as one becomes available.

Contact Ruben Safir at ruben@mrbrklyn.com or Paul Rodriguez
(paulr@nylxs.com) for more information.


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