[linux-elitists] Beaujolais! Vorbis RC3!

Jack Moffitt jack@xiph.org
Thu Jan 3 12:24:54 PST 2002

> Sniffle. Every time I have a reasonable number of albums encoded with
> Ogg Vorbis, you release something new and better. Sure, I don't *have* a
> really good stereo, so I can't really hear the difference, but I feel
> this urge to re-encode everything again, just because I'm not getting
> the quality per bit of information that I *could* get.

We don't plan any more improves to 112kbps and up for 1.0.  So unless
there are any major bugs, you should be fine until post-1.0, although I
think it's reasonable that quality will continue to improve post-1.0.

The real area of work is now going to be the low bitrates (they work
now, but aren't tuned) and fleshing out the rest of bitrate managment

It's fairly hard to ABX ogg at 128kbps in my opinion.  Monty can usually
pick it out, but even he will have a sample fool him now and then.


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