[linux-elitists] Still GNOME, still not DOTGNU [Was: DOTGNU]

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Wed Jan 2 22:24:26 PST 2002

Thanks for taking the time to discuss this.

I'm looking forward to seeing things improve and develope.


On 2002.01.03 01:20:44 -0500 Jeff Waugh wrote:
>><quote who="Ruben Safir">
>>> The other thing is that the application developers should settle on a
>>> underlining library release accross the board.  And the libraries should
>>> be developed seperately.
>>> They are often both co-evolving (and different packages needing different
>>> libs in conflict!).
>>GNOME has not needed that kind of bureaucracy in the past; fast development
>>means keeping everyone on their feet with releases. However, the extent of
>>our platform is so great now that we're concentrating on larger, defined
>>components of our releases separately. They are described here:
>>  http://developer.gnome.org/dotplan/modules/
>>This will make future releases (like the upcoming GNOME 2 Desktop release)
>>far, far easier to manage and QA.
>>- Jeff
>>    "GNOME, launched specifically to counter a threat to our freedom, is    
>>       the free software project par excellence." - Richard Stallman        

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