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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Wed Jan 2 21:52:56 PST 2002

<quote who="Ruben Safir">

> They are interested and they are tomorrows developers.  Often they
> are TODAY'S developers.

That's such twaddle. TODAY's developers use build scripts, because they're
not pissing their time away playing building games.

Tomorrow's developers are not whining pricks who come into #gnome saying
"you all suck because none of my buttons have images on them!" - tomorrow's
developers are the people who study what they're doing, and do the research.

Then, because they've realised they'd rather be HACKING not BUILDING, they
install the packages, and build what they need from CVS, if required.

> If you want to download the latest version of a package and compile it
> before the distro does, this should be capable of being done without
> ./configure telling you something doesn't exist on your system which is
> clearly there.

Until you name the package, and paste the output, I'm not convinced that
this is an issue with the package. Give a little information, and you might
have your problem solved.

> enslaved by my distro

Now I clump you in with the LFS twits. :)

- Jeff

    "Ever had a morning where you were not kissed and told "I love you,"    
       when the night before you SCREWED so wildly that you could not       
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