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Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Wed Jan 2 21:19:54 PST 2002

>>  I, personally, am sick to death of moronic Linux From Scratch users (no
>>  accusation as to what you're using or not) flaming and criticising our
>>  excellent hackers because of their own *abject lack of clue*.

I don't know why.  It should be doable from source with out any real problems.
And criticising and flaming are too different things.  And the individuality of
systems is what makes Linux special.

I've often fixed make files, and even altered source code to get things to work.
It's not an abject lack of a clue.  It's too high of an expectation on the part of 
some developers to cover over their object lack of understanding of the proper
use of autoconf and ./config

I have complete faith that proper attention on the part of fine coders like yourself
would produce makefiles which would LOOK at the hard drive to determine if
files (and libraries) exist.  Just because I could not do better myself (something I'm
all to happy to admit) is not a reason clump everyone with a criticism into the 
category of "clueless", and wave your hand at them.

This issue has burned a little hole in my gut for a number of years.  That's one reason
why David Sugar is giving a presentation on Make and Autoconf for NYLXS next month.
People need to understand Make and Autoconf well.  



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