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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Wed Jan 2 20:53:18 PST 2002

<quote who="Ruben Safir">

> the gnome people aren't on the same sheet of music and they're dependencies
> completey suck.  Their misuse of something-config config files make gnome
> impossible to compile without spending WEEKS taking a walk through dependency
> hell and I feel it's more and more like windows DLL hell every day.

The lack of documentation is a problem here. There are many users who are
unaware of the dependencies of their software, and have trouble compiling
it. An external effort has produced the GNOME Installation Guide, a new
release of which you can read about here:


> Autoconf, as used by them, never looks to see that's actual on the damn hard drive.
> Default ./config make, make install puts things where xiamen doesn't or where other 
> packages expect them.  Even getter aspell to work is a complete disaster.

The issue you're seeing here is due to changes in current packages to allow
for parallel install with the GNOME 2.0 platform. Whilst all of the 1.x
packages have had releases to deal with this, unfortunately we have not had
a full GNOME 1.4.1 release of all these packages.

  [ just asking the guy who's dealing with that at the moment ]

Um, yes. Tune in... Some other time. :(

> I hate the way nothing on gnome compiles any more.
> It is so fustrating...........

It does compile (distributors are still distributing binaries, right?), you
just need to acquaint yourself with the tools required to do so, and use
recent packages. I apologise for the lack of 'official' documentation with
regards to compiling GNOME, but the general feeling is that distributors do
it better.


  I, personally, am sick to death of moronic Linux From Scratch users (no
  accusation as to what you're using or not) flaming and criticising our
  excellent hackers because of their own *abject lack of clue*.

  It gets to the point of asking these people to get a life and do something
  more productive with their time than sitting there building packages.
  These are the kinds of people who think "hacking" is typing "./configure ;
  make ; make install".
  Much GAR.

That said, I am committed to making GNOME easier to build, especially with
beta releases of GNOME 2.0 coming up, and have started working with Nick
Moffitt's kickarse GAR ports system to provide a sensible method of building
GNOME from tarballs. It will essentially be a new 'distribution' of GNOME.

I hope this eases your frustrations, and answers your complaints,

- Jeff

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