[linux-elitists] Beaujolais! Vorbis RC3!

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Tue Jan 1 12:20:58 PST 2002

Jack Moffitt wrote:

>> Microsoft claims to get same
>> quality using the WM8 audio codec at 64kbps vs Fraunhofer at 128kbps.

> And we all know this isn't true :)

>> Apple and Real are making similar wild claims,

> Apple uses Qdesign.  Qdesign is not as good as MP3 IIRC.  A casual
> listening test of teh BBC realaudio streams compared to the vorbis rc3
> ones will probably convince you about Real as well.

Not sure what you're talking about -- both iTunes (version 2.0.3) and my
iPod state that they use Fraunhofer and Thomson technologies for MP3.
iTunes does handle other codecs but is primarily CD/MP3.

I haven't tried to see if any of my Linux boxen will mount the iPod (in
part because none of mine are FireWire equipped) though that would be fun.
It seems to have Mac HFS-compliant mangling of filenames down to 32
characters, but preserves them when copying long file names from UFS->UFS.
So I'm not sure what file system it uses when it's acting as a disk, but
MP3s it "knows" to play aren't files.

Still, it *is* cool to be able to rsync to my MP3 player.

Now if I just had the disk space to copy all those pesky audio files

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