[linux-elitists] Beaujolais! Vorbis RC3!

Jack Moffitt jack@xiph.org
Tue Jan 1 11:44:51 PST 2002

> I'm not set up to do any testing, but how does (say) 64kbps ogg sound
> compared to the usual 192kbps MP3?

I don't know.  A few people have asked but know one has directly tested
these two.  The usual folk to do serious listening tests to Ogg, WMA,
MP3, etc have said that RC3 is the best codec at 128kbps period.

And with RC3, if 128 isn't enough (quality 3) you can just use quality
3.2 or poke around until you find your perfect setting :)

> Microsoft claims to get same
> quality using the WM8 audio codec at 64kbps vs Fraunhofer at 128kbps.

And we all know this isn't true :)

> Apple and Real are making similar wild claims,

Apple uses Qdesign.  Qdesign is not as good as MP3 IIRC.  A casual
listening test of teh BBC realaudio streams compared to the vorbis rc3
ones will probably convince you about Real as well.

> but Microsoft
> makes a big deal about a event they held with a bunch of pro musicians
> who confirmed their claims.  I'm reserving judgement until I hear from
> someone unbiased.

ff123.net have been the most serious about rating relative quality of
all the codecs.  Vorbis steadily climbs :)


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