[linux-elitists] The fine art of technology journalism

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Fri Feb 8 10:47:28 PST 2002

Network Associates Files Lawsuit: "Our software is really bad, but
our license lets us keep people from saying so."  This has got to
be the dumbest lawyer trick of all time.  Man, did Legal even talk
to anyone else in the company before pulling this?


So now, instead of like a dozen people reading a review of some
stupid-ass proprietary firewall software in the back of a magazine,
hundreds of thousands of people are going to read that NetAss sucks.
And nobody's going to read the actual review, which is probably
boring as hell -- they'll just read that it was so bad NetAss sued
to suppress it.  That's what people will remember.

And Network World gets enormous free publicity out of it.  Wow.
You can't buy that.

Anyway, judging from the enormous reaction I got to the "big
company needs someone to write Linux distro review", the following
is probably of interest to many of you.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you desire to get your hands on any
high-tech product whatsoever, just let me know what it is, what's
its connection to Linux, and why you are qualified to review it.
I will get Linux Journal to assign you to write a review for the
web site (if we don't already have a review in the pipe).  If it's a
book or software, the company will probably let you keep your copy;
hardware you have to send back to them.

It doesn't even have to be totally Linux...for example, if you ever
wanted to run a bunch of free software through Rational PurifyPlus
and see what you get, Sun will probably loan you a Solaris box
if you ask nice. 

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