[linux-elitists] undelete

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Wed Feb 6 01:18:07 PST 2002

Don Marti writes:

> (Asking how to do file undelete is of course highly non-elitist,
> since the true elitist thing to do is come up with a good reason
> why you didn't need the file, and _meant_ to clobber it.)
> The following is an idea for a way to do undelete.
> 1. Kernel level: If a system call would clobber a file, spew that
> file's meta-info, then contents out a /proc entry before doing
> the work.  System calls to intercept and check include unlink(2),
> open(2), and rename(2).

"In particular, we plan to have longer filenames, file version numbers,
a crashproof file system, filename completion perhaps,
terminal-independent display support, and eventually a Lisp-based window
system through which several Lisp programs and ordinary Unix programs
can share a screen."


At my next birthday party, I want people to sing "Happy Birthday to

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