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Linux Expo is here NYLXS has an active Booth, come by and enjoy!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Linux 1 Registration
Class is filling up for Linux One Registration. See
http://www2.mrbrklyn.com/nylinux/classes/current_class.html for Syllibus
and Registration Info. Checks to NYLXS must be in to assure your place in
the class.

NYLXS is Presenting it's second Perl 1 Programming Class. 

The Class is being held in Midtown Manhattan at 19 west 44th street and starts
Thursday February 7th, 2002. and runs 5 weeks from 5:30 - 10:00PM. The Cost is

Checks can be dropped off at Rosensweig and Maffia, 845 3rd Ave,NY on the 13th
Floor, or send to 

Brooklyn Linux Solutions 1600 East 17th Street Brooklyn, NY 11230 

The class starts out assuming the student knows nothing, and finishes with a
mastrery of Objects in Perl. 

This class fills up quickly, so register now.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Desktop Inititative
Hello guys 

We made some contacts at the Expo which will help us extend some of the goals
of our with NYLXS. Cheif among these contacts was one I made through the good
graces of Don Marti with Sun Micro Systems and their Open Office software

One of the things preventing Desktop adoption of Linux and free software is the
inadequacy of, not only office suites, but other necesary desktop applications.
In the case of Open Office, which is an open version of Star Office, the
software is probibly very usable, however this is not enough. And Sun is
working hard to get documentation of the suite to be bundled with the products.
But even this is not adequate, and I'm not convinced that Sun can usher this
produce through to the market without some help. What's really needed is for
the product to be distributed with a few hundred working examples for macro and
programming templates which address real business application problems. 

This is my first call to Sun us at NYLXS to form a partnership in filling out
open office, so that it is every bit as usable as Microsoft Office. And THEN we
need to start training classes to train users on the system, as we currently do
for Perl, and web services. 

In a word, this might be our first step in our Desktop initiative. 

The goals of NYLXS's Desktop initiative is to bring training and enhancements
to the free software desktop for the purpose of replacing MS desktops in real
world home, education, and business environments. This will boot strap many
Free Software consultants and users into paying jobs in the coming economic
expanssion, and free educational insititutions to use a free platform in
reaching their educational goals. 

We need to reach Sun and meet with them and see how we can get this all to
work. And we likely need another sub-committee to do this. 

There will be a follow up to this on another activity in the near future
relating to LWE connections.. 


ANNOUNCEMENT: Fair Use Meeting
NY Fairusers 

We are being called to Washington DC by Congressman Weiners office. 

We are meeting on Tuesday at the Killarny Rose to talk about arraignments for
the trip, and the time and place. 


Please Make It. 


ANNOUNCEMENT: GTK Programming Work Shop
NYLXS Announcement Announcement: January GTK Programming Workshop

The Free Software Institute (a part of NYLXS) is introducing it's first
Membership Workshop. This 2 month long program is for learning GTK GUI
programming in X using the C programming Language. This program is open and
free to NYLXS members, and cost 40 dollars for non-members to join. We will
be working together in the Linux environment with 2 books, Beginning
GTK+/Gnome Programming by Peter Wright from wrox press and Developing Linux
Applications with GTK and GDK by Eric Harlow from New Riders.

Beginning C programmers are Welcome.

We are going to meet weekly on Wednesday Nights from January 9th on to
February 27th. Bring your laptops, or use one of mine, although I will make
accounts available on the NYLXS server as needed.

A maximin of 20 people can work with us. The Location will be at 1600 East
17th Street, in Brooklyn, NYC, from 7:00PM until 10:00PM, although we might
move to a different location as one becomes available.

Contact Ruben Safir at ruben@mrbrklyn.com or Paul Rodriguez
(paulr@nylxs.com) for more information.


New Yorker Linux Users Scene
Fair Use -
because it's either fair use or useless....

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