GUI/CLI mail client (was Re: [linux-elitists] What's some marketing buzzwords for what we do?)

Jonathan Corbet
Tue Dec 31 16:11:29 PST 2002

> I'm looking for a mail client that does
> BOTH gui and cli - I would perfer to get to my mail via a remote X
> connection, but oftentimes, am only able to get a shell via ssh (say,
> over a dialup, or from a system that doesn't have X installed). Is there
> such a beast?

Being behind the times and all that, I've still found nothing that I like
better than the MH/mh-e combination.  mh-e in a modern emacs can be about
as graphical as you like; the one (big) hole is in MIME support.  But exmh
can fill that in if need be.  And when you're typing over that noisy modem
link from Papua New Guinea, the MH command line mode can get you through your
important messages in a hurry.


Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor,

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