[linux-elitists] paper MCSEs

Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Sun Dec 29 15:28:28 PST 2002

> > I am of the opinion that an MCSE means that someone learned to
> > pass a test,
> > and that is not a sufficient indicator of anyone's skills to me
> > in any way.
> Notwithstanding the insulting pseudoquote, I agree. I never said otherwise.

Huh?  You told me not to make generalizations about MCSEs. I explained my
rationale in the above paragraph (with insulting pseudoquote) plus in the
next paragraph (which you replied to separately) and now you're telling
me that you agree.

What exactly are you taking issue to?

> > Then again, some great chefs probably got their start working fast food
> > once upon a time.  When I speak of MCSE peons, it is generally accepted
> > common knowledge that it is meant to target "paper MCSEs".
> Sucks to be me, I guess. We can't all be great chefs.

> > MCSEs are convenient for buzzword bingo recruiters and PHBs
> > (which I imagine
> > is why you're trying to get one). The moniker is completely lost on me.
> MCSE also means that if the person says they have an MCSE and they can't
> show a fairly good grasp of Windows networking and Active Directory in the
> interview, then you know you're dealing with a loser. It's like any
> certification in that regard. I have no doubt that I could wander out and
> get myself a CCNA without excessive effort. However, I'd still have to
> actually *know* something to do it.

OK now I'm confused. If you're actually going to be talking to these people
why do you even care what certifications they have when a> you've admitted
that ANYONE can get them and b> you can question them on their skills?

The answer is that you don't. The reason anyone gets one is to get past
recruiters and HR and maybe sucker a PHB who doesn't know any better.

> > None of the MCSEs I spoke to at the time grokked this stuff.
> > Would they now?
> I doubt they'd care. I know I don't.

Of course they don't care! They want the certificate to get themselves
the cushy sys admin job that some big company needs filled. Therefore
calling them PEONS is wholly appropriate.

If they CARED they would know what they were doing and wouldn't
need to hide behind certifications!

> I even wrote this in Outlook. Bah!

That was obvious without even looking at the headers. But I wasn't
about to tattle on you.

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