[linux-elitists] What's some marketing buzzwords for what we do?

Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Sun Dec 29 11:20:14 PST 2002

> > To me, this is our golden opportunity. Programmers in India cannot
> > be hired to do this, and most programmer peons (MCSEs) are
> > either incompetent, or just oblivious to the demand.
> Personally, I would be very careful about using the MCSE qualification as an
> indicator or otherwise of someone's ability in the field. There are very
> many people (such as myself) who have or are working towards this
> certification who are perfectly competent in their roles.

"A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer is to computing what a McDonalds
Certified Food Preparer is to fine cuisine."

I am of the opinion that an MCSE means that someone learned to pass a test,
and that is not a sufficient indicator of anyone's skills to me in any way.

Then again, some great chefs probably got their start working fast food
once upon a time.  When I speak of MCSE peons, it is generally accepted
common knowledge that it is meant to target "paper MCSEs".

MCSEs are convenient for buzzword bingo recruiters and PHBs (which I imagine
is why you're trying to get one). The moniker is completely lost on me.

> Furthermore, MCSE isn't a programming qualification - that's the MCSD.

You've reiterated that these are conveniences for the non-technical,
that is, these certifications match job titles. They do not display
any level of competency.  I couldn't take seriously a UNIX sys admin that
couldn't do the job of a C programmer, nor could I take seriously a C
programmer that couldn't be UNIX sys admin (with exceptions).

I've not looked over the MCSE course material in years, but I suspect it's still
pretty sterile. Do the MCSE course materials encourage understanding of the
NT* system calls?  Do you write a replacement for the explorer.exe shell?
How about writing a simple driver? A simple service? Do you even develop a
command line application? Do you at least become familar with tools like
regmon, filemon, etc?

None of the MCSEs I spoke to at the time grokked this stuff. Would they now?

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