[linux-elitists] What's some marketing buzzwords for what we do?

Peter Whysall peter.whysall@ntlworld.com
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> To me, this is our golden opportunity. Programmers in India cannot
> be hired to do this, and most programmer peons (MCSEs) are
> either incompetent, or just oblivious to the demand.

Personally, I would be very careful about using the MCSE qualification as an
indicator or otherwise of someone's ability in the field. There are very
many people (such as myself) who have or are working towards this
certification who are perfectly competent in their roles.

I'm currently 4 of 7 exams down the MCSE track. Believe me, it's difficult,
and requires a substantial amount of practical knowledge. Things have
changed since the NT4 days, and the sheer amount of material covered in the
MSCE track is alone a huge blocker to the "bootcamp" type of training. I
attended 30 classroom days and have put in at least that much again *just on
covering the syllabus that's in the exams*.

Furthermore, MCSE isn't a programming qualification - that's the MCSD.

Sorry to get snippy, but this is a particular bee in my bonnet. I'm not
particularly chuffed at having to do this MCSE, and I'm even less chuffed
when I see people devaluing it :-)

I hope your consulting goes well - it sounds like you've got some sound



Peter Whysall
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