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Brenno J.S.A.A.F. de Winter brenno@dewinter.com
Tue Dec 17 15:41:36 PST 2002

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|ROD13?  Isn't that some sort of pr0n thing?

Nope. A very very simple algoritm

|Any sign that the EUans are indeed rethinking in this context?

We'll the community is, but the governments move slow. There are signs
that people are seeing what the dangers are, but this is going way way
way to slow. On a positive now the Dutch parliament decided that all
government agencies have to embrace open standards and open source by
2006. The motion contained a firm statement that free access to content
and software is crucial. Some parts do read a very anti-DMCA statement.
The best news in that is that almost 85% of the parliament voted in
favor of the motion. Only the liberals (who claim that they are
believers of freedom) voted against. On January 22nd they sure aren't
going to get my vote - for this and other fuckups - when this
Bananarepublic has their parliamentary polls again (yes again).

I'm building the story for Linux Journal Online right now. For a slow
country like ours this is a big step ahead also in thinking.

|Any commentary from the RIAA/MPAA on this yet?

Not that I have heard.


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