[linux-elitists] LOCAL Sunnyvale, California: Linux Consultants' Lunch

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Dec 16 17:52:32 PST 2002

Good things about being a Linux consultant include setting your
own hours and working with your technology of choice on a variety
of projects for different fascinating clients.

What's the downside?  First, you always have to be looking for
consulting opportunities and for people to help you with big jobs,
and second, no employer means no company holiday lunch.

Rich Bodo has decided to address both of these issues.

  Who:       Linux consultants
  What:      Linux Consultants Lunch ($10 per person, Indian buffet)
  Where:     Turmerik, 141 S. Murphy Ave., Sunnyvale, California USA
  When:      Fri Dec 20 12:00:00 PST 2002
  How much:  $10 per person
  Why:       Rich writes...

Fellow elitists,  I call to your attention that a number of the
elite spend absurd amounts of time seeking employment, while others
are overworked.  These inefficiencies are inappropriate to our
elite status.  Elite Linux Consultants that either have work or
need work should attend.

The lunch buffet is really, really good.  They will also put tables
together for us and give us reservations, etc.  I'm guessing we'll
have 10-15 people.  I'd really like to have a chance to talk to
everyone and Turmerik offers to reserve a bunch of tables for us
that we can put together.

Please RSVP by Thursday to Rich to ensure your seat:

Rich Bodo | rsb@ostel.com | 650-964-4678

(Feel free to forward this to individuals who are local to Sunnyvale,
California and meet your definition of "Linux consultant", but
please do not forward to other lists.)

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