[linux-elitists] EFF Comments on FCC Brodcast Flag mandate

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Mon Dec 9 00:10:11 PST 2002

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Seth David Schoen wrote:

> Jay Sulzberger writes:
> > http://bpdg.blogs.eff.org/archives/eff-comments.pdf
> A lot of other interesting comments have been coming out.  On Monday,
> they should be available through ECFS.  I'm going to try to make links
> to all the organizational comments from one place, probably on
> Consensus at Lawyerpoint.
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I have looked at several hundred posts and there are many good ones.
Perhaps it is worth doing four scripts which might be invoked by

    (map pdf->ascii (get-list-of-comments-on-FCC-site))))


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