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On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 19:29:21 -0800, Ravi Rao wrote:

> Sweet. The letters are actually well written, though with factual
> errors. I think this move from the government paves the way for CBSE
> to adopt Linux as a part of the regular course curriculum for school
> kids, at the primary/high school level. I did hear from a highly place
> NCERT source that they have been having discussions of late on moving
> Linux into the syllabus, and I guess they already have a placeholder
> system in Goa, and some chaos happening in Kerala too, to model on ...
> With $fanatacism being the order of the day, I do not myself think
> it will be very long before the (fulltime) teaching community becomes
> smarter and better equipped with Linux/Open Source/Free Software
> related skills. After all, some of the smartest physics, math profs
> are the people who coach kids to get into the IIT, via the JEE, rather
> than real profs at the IIT themselves. </hearsay>

Hmmm ... now that it seems on topic, I'll post something that I posted
to some other lists -- without fear of getting terminated by Suresh.

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Subject: [lb/2002] Open Source in Education SIG Meet at LB/2002
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 Thanks to the generous assistance of the LB/2002 managers, a hall has
 been made available for the Open Source in Education Special Interest
 Group to meet.

 The Education SIG will meet on 4th Dec at 5:00pm in Hall 'A' of the
 LB/2002 venue.

 The proposed agenda is:

 1. Are there any current efforts to popularise OSS in education?

 2. What can be done to help existing efforts?

 3. Is there a need for additional intitiatives?

 4. Is there a need for co-ordination in this area? Does a permanent
 mechanism need to be set up?

 Personally, I hope that one of the results this meeting will be a long
 term BLUG effort to push OSS in schools.

 BTW, We have got a 120 seater hall to meet in and I have received about
 15 confirmed attendees. I urge more of you to attend, if only so that 
we don't look ridiculous! ;-)

 -- b

Linux Bangalore/2002 "Technology for a Free World" December 3/4/5, 2002
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