[linux-elitists] (maybe OT) win refunds and installable CDs?

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Wed Aug 28 10:34:51 PDT 2002

Just to follow up, I just received the notebook.  The machine is
sealed with a warning sticker that says the machine itself can be
returned for a full refund if I don't agree with the licences for 
the accompanying software.  So, OK.  But take a look at the final 

"If you do not accept the agreements included with this system, do not
use the programs.  Instead, promptly return the system for a full

This can actually be read, at least to my Turkish ear, that you cannot
use the machine itself unless you agree to the licences of the
programs even when you don't use the said programs.  Huh?  

I'll think of what to write to our pal Lou on the plane to CA.  Now I
am more annoyed than I would have been.  




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