[linux-elitists] FC: Scientology says it's threatened by "unadulterated cyber-terrorism" (fwd)

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Aug 26 14:34:07 PDT 2002

begin Eugen Leitl quotation of Mon, Aug 26, 2002 at 10:13:24PM +0200:


Dammit!  You lazy asses!  Look at

xenu.net is only number 3 today!

Make the link already! (see sig.)  

It's fun that CoS  has decided to play Google War with us.  (All the
ads don't count; they obviously don't want to see xenu.net number
one in the search results too)

>       The Church has established a significant multimedia Internet presence 
> since its launch in 1996 of one of the largest and most
> technically advanced web sites.

And Commodore L. Ron Hubbard was one of the most-decorated USN

>        Threatening speech or expressions calculated to incite hate enjoy no 
> protection under the Constitution. 

Yes, when I want a Constitution lesson I go straight to the Church of
Scientology, you betcha.

>       In March 2002, acting according to the provisions of the Digital 
> Millennium Copyright Act, the Church asked Google to remove their links
> to certain specific copyright infringements.  Google responded by 
> eliminating the links.  These actions on both sides were routine and
> carried out pursuant to the DMCA.

The xenu.net home page did not have any material subject to DMCA
takedown on it.  Google's actions in removing the home page from
the index were a mistake, and they admit that.

Does the Church of Scientology admit that they made a mistake in
including the home page in their takedown letter?

>       However, this time the often unpredictable currents of the Internet 
> pushed Google out of the routine and into a storm of protest. 

You hear that, you other 7 people who came with me to Google?
We're a storm.  

Rock over London, rock on Chicago.  Dianetics.  Get rid of your
reactive mind.

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