[linux-elitists] (maybe OT) win refunds and installable CDs?

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Sun Aug 25 20:37:13 PDT 2002

Well, I just shelled out $1.6k for an IBM A30p notebook for my
impending departure from the US.  It comes with Win XP pro.  Google
doesn't seem to know about any recent activity in getting refunds for
Windows.  I also discovered that the pre-installed Windows deal
doesn't include CD's and when manufacturers send "restore" CD's you are
unlikely to be able to run them under VMware.  So things got WORSE
after all the Windows refund effort?  

I'll call IBM when I get the machine and report.  Any input welcome in
the meanwhile.

B<I'll miss my 21" trinitron>M

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