[linux-elitists] LOC Records for Brotherhood

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Fri Aug 23 17:48:31 PDT 2002

Don Marti writes:

> I propose that as a statement of brotherhood, everyone set up an LOC
> ("location") record in DNS for any host, router or wireless access
> point that is available for visitors to use.
> Instructions for doing this are at:
> http://www.ckdhr.com/dns-loc/howto.html
> It only takes a couple of minutes -- not much longer than just
> adding a host.  And you were going to add the PTR record for your
> access point anyway, right?

This is an interesting idea, but I've recently learned about some
risks of DNS LOC.  (I used to be an enthusiastic supporter.)

The main problem from an Internet censorship point of view is that the
ubiquitous use of DNS LOC allows people to discriminate against
Internet users based on their geography.  I think this is a
misfeature.  At the EFF, we've been hearing that various national
government are very interested in automated means of determining where
some Internet user is physically located.  (This is usually called
"geolocation".)  It might be better for Internet freedom if people
didn't contribute to identifying machines' physical locations this

I know that there are other ways to do geolocation, and several
companies already providing commercial geolocation services.  But all
those services have errors and omissions and uncertainty.  If
everybody uses DNS LOC correctly, there is no more uncertainty.

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