[linux-elitists] LOC Records for Brotherhood

john spurling synec@nakedlunch.org
Thu Aug 22 13:15:22 PDT 2002

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 12:56:43PM -0700, Don Marti wrote:
> There are formulas to calculate the direction and times if you know
> your latitude and longitude.  (Interestingly enough, the direction
> is done on a great circle route, so the direction to face in the Bay
> Area is almost due north.)  Software that performs these calculations
> is available, and comes with a directory of city locations, but
> the user currently has to select the location manually.
> I propose that as a statement of brotherhood, everyone set up an LOC
> ("location") record in DNS for any host, router or wireless access
> point that is available for visitors to use.

this is a wonderful idea. in addition, how about we add a link of
brotherhood to a web page that offers information on these prayer
times and locations? i definitely fall into the non-religious camp,
and i'm not a fan of islam in general, but it's vitally important for
people to be able to believe what they want without fear of

i did just a bit of looking around, and http://islamicfinder.org seems
to be a good enough site to link to, but i really have no idea about
these things. 

your thoughts?

> If you're tolerant but shy, or want to say something but fear that
> you'll inadvertently offend people whose beliefs and practices you
> don't understand, this is something simple you can do.  It doesn't
> cost anything, and you're likely to find another use for good LOC
> data, too.

yeah, there are lots of other nifty things we could do with this. i'm
definitely adding a LOC record. 

> (I, of course, plan to delete any anti-Islam mail that this
> suggestion generates, without replying.  Don't waste your carpal
> tunnels.)

it's pathetic that we need reminders about religious tolerance in this
day and age, but i'll save that rant for later; there are more
productive things to do.


"nothing brings people together like doom."
		--sarah vowell

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