[linux-elitists] Market share figures for 2001?

Ben Woodard ben@zork.net
Wed Aug 7 16:17:42 PDT 2002

begin  Don Marti  quotation:
> begin Nick Moffitt quotation of Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 12:48:32PM -0700:
> > So I read something that got me to thinking.  Do you remember those
> > market share calculations that IDC used to do?  They documented the
> > rise of GNU/Linux in the server arena, and showed it slowly but surely
> > overtaking the other OSes .  In 2000 they showed Linux at about 30%
> > and Microsoft stuff at about 40%
> > 
> > So where the hell are the data for 2001?  It's like they got a big
> > payoff to just not publish it this year.
> Just called them.  They're saying there was a 5% decline in Linux
> _revenues_ from 2000 to 2001, but as for number of Linux servers
> actually installed, who knows.
> "IDC expects spending on Linux operating environments to increase
> over the next five years from $80 million in 2001 to $280 million
> in 2006"

This is a really interesting question. A lot of the dotcom companies
who were running linux went under. However, many of the big boys now
use linux. From the visibility that I have linux is going in all over
the place. However, I know that my vision is rather biased. I wonder
if the demise of the dotcom's was offset by the jump in the adoption
in the enterprise.


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