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Mon Apr 29 19:11:56 PDT 2002

On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 11:59:12AM -0700, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> begin  Sean Neakums  quotation:
> > Interestingly, Chicago's El still has a lot of old narrow-gauge
> > track between the newer tracks.
> 	Specifically at the loop.  The odd thing is that all of the
> grounding joints etc seem to be on the inside of these rails, making
> them suitable only for trucks whose flanges are on the outer edge of
> the wheel (rather than the inside, as is nearly world-standard
> nowadays).

I'm not a rail-geek by any stretch of the imagination and have never
ridden the El, but are you sure these are old narrow-gauge tracks? The
local light rail has third and fourth interior rails over bridges and in
tunnels, that are there (I ASS-U-ME) to prevent (low-speed?) derailments
from going off the bridge, into the tunnel wall, or doing the same to a
train on parallel tracks. Given that most of the local light rail line
is non-elevated, there's a pretty clear correlation.

[I'm not enough of a rail-elitist to know the proper technical term for
 these interior rails -- an hour spent googling turned up "restraining
 rails" which is not the same thing (the local light-rail has those in
 a few places, too).]

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