[linux-elitists] MTA roundup

Sam Phillips sam@dasbistro.com
Mon Apr 29 14:53:23 PDT 2002

On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 12:03:47PM -0700, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> begin  Don Marti Lives Three Hours from Nowhere  quotation:
> > > Qmail
> [...]
> > Plan to spend [ length of time ] downloading, compiling, configuring,
> > and troubleshooting patches in order to make qmail interoperate
> > with other software.
> 	Specifically, and this is always the argument I raise against
> qmail, these myriad patches *have not all been tested in combination*.
> That is, sure you can apply patch foo to fix the FHS, and patch bar to
> get qmail to behave properly with backup MXes, and patch gar[0]-gar[n]
> to add all these features you want.  But in the end you're going to be
> spending time TESTING AND DEBUGGING.
> 	That is, once you reach a certain patch threshold, you may as
> well be implementing these features yourself.  

You know I bet there's a qmail patch to do that.

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