[linux-elitists] MTA roundup

Derek Vadala derek@cynicism.com
Mon Apr 29 12:16:21 PDT 2002

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Marc MERLIN wrote:

> Yep, I should add that link. Milters are cool, I'll give sendmail that.
> Do yall know what qmail and postfix can do in that regard
> (exim has some support with local_scan now)

I'm not that well versed on sendmail (or milters) these days, but in
postfix you can use the PCRE (Perl Compatile REGEX) to point to files
that contain regexs and actions based on various postfix structures.

For example, the header_checks parameter allows you perform actions based
on what's in the headers of a message.

So in my main.cf I have:

header_checks = pcre:$config_directory/header_checks

And in header_checks (which gets turned into header_checks.db using
postmap) I have entries like:

# Evil Spam Mailers
/^X-Mailer:.*UnityMail/                                 	REJECT
/^X-UnityID/                                                    REJECT
/^X-UnityUser/                                                  REJECT
/^X-Mailer:.*The\s+Bat/                                 	REJECT
/^X-Mailer:.*Optin-Plus/                                	REJECT
/^X-Mailer:.*Accucast\s+\(http:\/\/www\.accucast\.com\)/	REJECT
/^X-Mailer:.*StormPost\s+1/                             	REJECT

A lot of this stuff isn't officially supported. Check out 
http://www.mrbill.net/postfix/ in addition to the UCE pages on

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