[linux-elitists] Hey Don!

Rick Bradley roundeye@roundeye.net
Mon Apr 29 11:08:44 PDT 2002

* Sam Phillips (sam@dasbistro.com) [020429 12:52]:
> I've used ABE Books (http://www.abebooks.com/) a lot in the past couple
> of years.  It seems to have at least 3 and 4 (it's usable in lynx.)  I
> looked at the privacy policy and didn't say anything about email opt-in,
> etc.  but since I've been using the service the only email I've gotten
> from them is stuff that I wanted.

FWIW, bamm.com (BooksAMillion) is about the only place I'll buy books
online any more.  Good selection, great prices, etc.

When I lived in Nashville a number of the Netcentral [0] guys were
regular NLUG members, and Netcentral was almost always an event sponsor
(loot for ITEC shows, coffee and donuts at installfests, etc.).  As far
as I know (from conversations some months ago with one of their
programmers) all their sites and in-house systems are still running
Linux with maybe some FreeBSD.

Not sure how Vixie-compliant their privacy policy is.  At some point
after ordering some books I got some bamm.com mailings, but they stopped
after an email and I haven't seen any sign that they sold that address
(I always use site-specific email addresses when ordering online).

ymmvw, etc.

[0] the company that built the sites and the back-end software, since
    bought out by Booksamillion who retained all the people

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