Memo from Self, AV Note to World (was Re: [linux-elitists] Note to myself)

Karsten M. Self
Sun Apr 21 23:03:55 PDT 2002

on Fri, Apr 19, 2002, Bulent Murtezaoglu ( wrote:
> >>>>> "RB" == Rick Bradley <> writes:
> [...]
>     RB> There's a web software list I'm on where many of the
>     RB> subscribers are "power users" of closed-ware.  The few times
>     RB> I've bothered to post I've seen a barrage of "out of office"
>     RB> mailings from list members rattling down the procmail pipes. [...]
> It is lost cause trying to explain to these people why these
> auto-responders are broken.  

I think not.

Or rather, I think you're complaining to the wrong source.

I've recently compiled the following list of Sybari and Trend Micro
addresses after a slew of antivirus filter posts from their products to
a number of mailing lists.

Here's the philosophy:

    These companies clearly feel it's a general benefit for the world if
    sites using their products advertise this fact broadly to a large
    number of third party sites.  In fact, if multiple filtered sites
    report the same message to the hundreds or thousands of recipients
    of a mailing list, so much the better.

    My suggestion is that we extend and embrace this mindset.  For each
    such filtered message that arrives, whether on a mailing list or via
    personal mail, express your gratitude to the vendor!  I mean, they
    did you a huge favor by warning you of a virus, which, were you
    sufficiently stupid to run a vulnerable OS or MUA, might have caused
    you serious harm!  It's an added validation of your choice to run a
    Real OS and Real MUA!  And if *everyone* did this, immediately, for
    every such message received, by any route, so much the better!

So, let's all show our appreciation to the AV mail filter vendors.  I've
noted that Sybari and Trend Micro subscribe to this "tell the world"
policy, and that MailScan is produced by DeerField.  The following list
is conveniently formated for inclusion in a mail /etc/aliases file:


Appreciation is well and fine, but you have to express your appreciation
to the right quarters for it to really matter.

Naturally, were a particular AV vendor to decide that such notifications
aren't such a great idea after all, and make an effective effort to
impart this view on their clients, I might choose to reverse my own view
regards providing notifications to said vendor, and encourage others to
similarly change their PoV, for that vendor, as well.


Karsten M. Self <>
 What Part of "Gestalt" don't you understand?
   Data corrupts.  Absolute data corrupts absolutely.
    -- Ed Self's corollary of Atkinson's Law.
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