[linux-elitists] Memo from Self: To Hal with it, off with her head!

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Sun Apr 21 15:43:41 PDT 2002

Great item from Hal Plotkin on what the budding GeekPAC is doing wrong,
and what they should do to turn things around.


    Current plans call for the group to raise $200,000 to support
    lobbying efforts, as well as a related public-education group
    they're calling the American Open Technology Consortium. According
    to the group's working paper, the money will be used to create a
    "dream team" of "geek spokespeople" who will "travel across the
    country on a whistle-stop campaign" to educate government leaders
    about the dangers of choking off technical innovation. Most of the
    group's money, they say, will be spent on lobbying staff.

    Yup. You heard that right. Frequent-flying geeks to the rescue.


    Instead, to stem the tide, GeekPAC, or some other similar
    organization, needs to make an example out of someone in Congress,
    and do it quick. When the National Rifle Association, or the
    Christian Coalition or Emily's List, for that matter, want action on
    an issue, the strategists behind those well-run groups usually pick
    a smart fight with one or more of their key opponents. They target
    their resources to just those specific races, sometimes to just one
    race. Rather than give 200 politicians $1,000 each, the savviest
    PACs instead will spend $200,000 or more kicking the bejesus out of
    just one single office holder.

Excellent, Hal.  Excellent.

Let's get some heads on the block.  I'm nominating Feinstein, though a
sober analysis would find a key sponsor in a swing state with a narrow
support margin and a current election.  Nobody quite fits the bill in
the current cycle.  Other current co-sponsors are Fritz Hollings (D-SC),
Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii), and John Breaux
(D-Louisana).  The fact that one seat swings the senate makes things
interesting.  Feinstein's most recent election margin was 56% in 2000.

Next elections:

   Fritz Hollings:    2004
   Dianne Feinstein:  2006
   Ted Stevens:       2002
   Daniel Inouye:     2004
   John Breaux:       2004
   Bill Nelson:       2006

Source:  OpenSecrets.org:  http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/


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