[linux-elitists] Entheta frenzy!

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Apr 17 11:33:04 PDT 2002

Just heard back from Helena Kobrin about her reaction to Google's
new DMCA policy.

"Will we stop doing our jobs because someone disagrees or puts
our letters on the Internet? No more so than I would stop in going
after someone who breached a contract or would fail to prosecute a
murderer, a thief, or an embezzler if I were a prosecutor or would
back off on stopping someone from dumping toxic waste if I were an
environmental attorney merely because someone criticized my actions."

Complete reply:

The kind of stuff people are writing about Scientology today reminds
me a little of what Mark Twain was writing about Christian Science
at the turn of the century...

  It may be that there is evidence somewhere -as has been
  claimed-that Mrs. Eddy has charged upon the Deity the verbal
  authorship of Science and Health. But if she ever made the charge,
  she has withdrawn it (as it seems to me), and in the most formal
  and unqualified; of all ways. See Autobiography, page 57:

  "When the demand for this book increased . . . the copyright was
  infringed. I entered a suit at Law, and my copyright was protected."

  Thus it is plain that she did not plead that the Deity was the (verbal)
  Author; for if she had done that, she would have lost her case- and with
  rude promptness. It was in the old days before the Berne Convention and
  before the passage of our amended law of 1891, and the court would have
  quoted the following stern clause from the existing statute and frowned
  her out of the place:

  "No Foreigner can acquire copyright in the United States."


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