[linux-elitists] IP: NYT: (Microsoft's) High-profile anti-Unix siteruns UNIX (FreeBSD) (fwd)

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Apr 10 14:30:45 PDT 2002

Quoting Adam Sampson (azz@gnu.org):

> (For those of you that do: how about browsing with a text-only browser
> on a machine that's quite capable of running a graphical equivalent?)

I have an even more vital question:  If I run a script to auto-
fetch/display a Web site, but my monitor is turned off at the time, 
are the banner-ad revenues still bookable?  (Maybe only Arthur Andersen
knows for sure.)

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rick@linuxmafia.com           but it still lacks a good text editor.

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