[linux-elitists] IP: NYT: (Microsoft's) High-profile anti-Unix siteruns UNIX (FreeBSD) (fwd)

Aaron T Porter atporter@primate.net
Mon Apr 8 15:43:15 PDT 2002

On Mon, Apr 08, 2002 at 03:20:43PM -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
> But, even if section 11.5 said "No cypherpunks, fool!", alleged moral
> obligations to give free-of-charge Web sites information to spam me and
> spy on my interests are null and void ab initio, in my book.

	If said free-of-charge website says (in effect) "in order to use
our resource for no-charge, we get to spam you and spy on your interests"
it's up to you to decide to procede. If you decide that infact their
resource is something you want/need then I argue that you are infact
morally obligated to comply. Nobody's forcing you to use nyt.com, it's
your decision to sign up with them. If the terms of service are too odious
to comply with in an honest manner, don't sign up. Get your news from
somewhere else.

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