[linux-elitists] IP: NYT: (Microsoft's) High-profile anti-Unix siteruns UNIX (FreeBSD) (fwd)

Eugen Leitl eugen@leitl.org
Mon Apr 8 06:58:58 PDT 2002

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Bulent Murtezaoglu wrote:

> I have trouble understanding this.  Are the NYT sys. admins reading
> this list?  Why would someone feel the need to do this?

Why should someone feel the need to 1) make casual users go through a 
lengthy signup process 2) remove anonymous handles 
(cypherpunks/cypherpunks used to work)

Of course they can ask for the info, but it's also my privilege to 1) lie
on the form 2) use automation to lie on a big scale, making their
gatherered information worthless, or at least alerting them to the fact
that users resent this kind of behaviour, and it is relatively difficult
to protect yourself from that if the polluting script is making the

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