[linux-elitists] Last Nights Meeting

Emad El-Haraty spork@zork.net
Tue Apr 2 15:07:23 PST 2002

begin  Ruben I Safir  quotation:
> I want to thank everyone who dropped by for last nights wonderful NYLXS
> InService and meeting at the Killarny Rose.  ANyone who missed it,

I can't help but think that the subset of people who
a. live in or near NY
b. care about NYLX
c. attend NYLX meetings
d. are on this list

are already subscribed to some NYLX list of yours. 
So instead you are sending duplicate messages to the people who
actually care. And at least one superflous message to the people who
don't give a damn.

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 If you can't beat them,                         M\/
 arrange to have them beaten.                     A\/

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