[linux-elitists] Last Nights Meeting

Ruben I Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Tue Apr 2 12:03:02 PST 2002

I want to thank everyone who dropped by for last nights wonderful NYLXS
InService and meeting at the Killarny Rose.  ANyone who missed it,
missed an outstanding event with maybe 40 members in a delightful give
and take with David Sugar, engrossing themselves in the art of
Programming and Computer practice.  It was a very open and enjoyable
session and one of the gems of our NYLXS works.

I'd like to just put in a couple of minor reminders about future NYLXS
activities which we are pitching.  First of all, everyone should keep
the pressure up on Congressman Anthoney Weiner's staff about getting
this congressman to take a positive free software and open information
position in regards to not only the SCSSS bill now making it's way into
through congress, but also the whole guanlet of digital information
issues which NYLXS and NY Fairuse is fighting for.

Secondly, I announced the needs for volunteers for a number of projects
NYLXS is undertaking.  To list them, we have:

Borough Hall
High School Education
Rapid Demonstrations
The upcoming Free Software Showcase - CONSTACT EVAN INKER!!
The Call for Papers for the Next NYLXS Quartly Jounal
The Desktop Initiative

and the one I left off the list yesterday is we want to start up a NYLXS
internet radio show by May.

I implore everyone who hopes to be involved with Free Software of the
next decade (or two) to please help with all these projects.  We need
leaders and volunteers as soon as possible. 

I would also like to thank David Sugar for putting on a great talk, and
we are following up this discussion on Make and Autoconf with Resource
pages and a soon to be scheduled tutorial including an IRC discussion on
the IRC Server irc.linux.com #nylxs.  This should be firmed within the
next week, right after the Passover.

I'd like to thank David Sugar, Richard Stallman, Jay Sulzburger, Billy
Donahue, Marco Stoeffer (who recorded the speach for VHS sales through
NYLXS), Paul Rodriguez, Peter, Jonathan, and Kevin Marks (who was nice
enough to by me a bottle of Passover Wine which I consumed at Dinner),
Crazy Andy, Matt Hirsch and anyone else who participated in this great

New members, get in your dues and lend a hand!

Congradulations guys!!!

Now - back to my vacation....



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