[linux-elitists] New list, keysignings

Rick Bradley roundeye@roundeye.net
Tue Apr 2 14:36:33 PST 2002

* Nick Moffitt (nick@zork.net) [020402 16:30]:
> 	Jumping jesus FUCK, man!  Do you actually wait until you've
> *read* a message before sorting??
> 	THAT is the correct way to filter your mail. Get things sorted
> BEFORE you have to play with it.

Gimme a little credit now.

~$ wc ~/.procmailrc
     418     806    7248 /home/rick/.procmailrc

I procmail aggressively, then have 5 mutts running on categorized
mailboxes that are high-priority above what I use for lists, etc.  I
have a dup-handler similar to the one posted earlier, but I use
save-hooks as well -- if someone replies to me and a list I get the
reply in a priority box with a mutt open on it, read it, hit 's<enter>'
and it goes to the right place.  Since the dup is gone there's only one
copy in the list folder.

The only downside is maintaining two sets of filtering rules (procmail
and save-hooks) but that's constant time per stream so I decided I don't

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