[linux-elitists] New list, keysignings

Thom May thom@debian.org
Tue Apr 2 10:57:12 PST 2002

* Nick Moffitt (nick@zork.net) wrote :
> begin  M. Drew Streib  quotation:
> > Pipermail shows just the one post. I suggest that this is probably
> > mutt's broken behavior of matching up subject lines as threads, 
> > to accomodate mailers that don't set In-Reply_To headers.
> 	No.  I filter on List-Id and the X-BeenThere.
I have 20020328055458.GD18024@dtype.org (new keysignings mailing list) 
and 20020402181736.GA21792@dtype.org (New list, keysignings) here. 


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