[linux-elitists] Fingerprints of everybody

Emanuel Pirker epirker@edu.uni-klu.ac.at
Sat Sep 29 08:51:58 PDT 2001

Unfortunately I have to believe that terrorists are getting what they
really want - put the freedom of our civilisations away.

Here in Austria, the so-called Freedom Party (the ones around Joerg Haider)
which is still part of the federal government wants
a) to take fingerprints of every immigrant (now), and
b) later on fingerprints of every citizen

I wish I could send these stupid suckers directly to Kabul to meet their
ideological friends.

Ten years from now: Passport/Hailstorm account mandatory for everybody,
authentication via government regulated fingerprints, the M$ software
licence fee is collected by the tax office (for costumer's ease);
and if your electric shaver gets broken on a Sunday you
a) are not allowed to repair it because of DMCA
b) you will get arrested because the face recognition system at the next
traffic light can't recognize you
c) you get punished after the newly "SMCA - Surveillance Millenium
Conformity Act" - for trying to fool the global surveillance system.


  Emanuel Pirker

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