[linux-elitists] CNET: Another worm, more patches

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Sep 23 15:01:27 PDT 2001

begin  Jeff Waugh quotation:
> Have you considered that these press outlets may find it troublesome to
> report these details in full? Have you considered that the reporters working
> on these stories understand these details themselves?

Lengthy acquaintance with the press suggests that they overwhelmingly do
_not_ understand those details themselves.  However, they are perfectly 
glad to cut and paste your feedback into their subsequent coverage, if
it sounds coherent and plausible.  

Practically all of the technology press is driven by deadlines and the
need to produce copy quickly.  The reporters typically are not at all
knowledgeable about software, and so have neither the time nor the
expertise to apply critical thinking.  Instead, they mostly repeat what
they have heard, and let their readers fight out their reactions in the
letters column (thus providing more copy).  

If you want reporters to convey your perspective, play the game:  Form
an "Open Source News Bureau" and publish press releases when there's a 
breaking story.  Soon, you'll be on the call-for-sound-bite list, just
below Rob Enderle.

Cheers,             The shortest distance between two puns is a straightline.
Rick Moen

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