[linux-elitists] CNET: Another worm, more patches

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sun Sep 23 14:11:16 PDT 2001

<quote who="Justin F. Knotzke">

> What do you suggest we do? Do you suggest I "get off my arse" and email
> CNET telling them of their omissions? While I am at it should I also email
> Time magazine and the New York Times in regards to their omissions of the
> thousands of Iraqi children who die every year at the hands of sanctions?
> Or countless other stories that never get printed because it will
> offend/damage the product that Newpapers/news websites sell namely it's
> readers?


> The point I am trying to make that you failed to pick up on is that these
> organizations are merely performing their institutional functions by not
> reporting all the facts. It's much easier to point the finger at the
> cracker who created the worm then upset readers/the product and report the
> truth.

It's a world-wide conspiracy, obviously.

> So go ahead, write CNET, and every other major tech news website that
> omitted the facts of the latest worm attack. They'll probably just file
> your email in the "linux-slashdot-zealot" mailfolder rather then risk
> offending their product.

You'll only be filed into the "linux-slashdot-zealot" mailfolder if you
decide to write your informative letter in such a fashion. Here's a thought:
Don't even mention Linux! Don't spell Microsoft with a dollar sign for the
's'! Don't say "microsloth"! You don't have to.

You're merely letting them in on your expert knowledge. If they don't take
it, tough. If you think this is too hard, have a set of prepared emails,
just like you have templates for your header and source files. Then you only
need to fill in the blanks, and let them rip.

> OR, we could start a website that discusses these omissions. Oh wait,
> that's been done to death. OR, we could start a mailing list. Oh wait,
> that's what this is.

This sounds remarkably like an "I don't want to get off my arse and do
something, so I'll point out how hopeless the situation is" excuse.

You may find journalists who are set in their ways, and not interested in
reporting the facts. Pity them, they'll look like dickheads when someone
brighter and craftier breaks a story over their heads.

  I still laugh at the "End of KDE" article released when the GNOME
  Foundation kicked off with the support of HP and Sun. In fact, a lot of us
  involved in GNOME had a good laugh at that.
  "In this zero sum game..." - classic pundit humour!

Get off your arse. :)

- Jeff

   "Everyone says they like Free Software - not everyone is ready to make   
         the tough choices to make it happen." - Maciej Stachowiak          

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